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No Club Program or coach gets someone recruited, you get yourself recruited..

  • Be seen – tournaments, clinics, camps

    • Some college coaches will want to see you at specific events at their school.  You do not need to go to every big camp out there... Be selective.  Have a question about one that may be a good fit?  Just ask. 

  • Lacrosse resume – build your lacrosse resume – this should not only contain your lacrosse accolades, but your school information as well (grades, extra-curricular, etc).  Do not make this fancy. Keep it simple, to the point, and one page.  College coaches want to see a well-rounded student-athlete.  It's not all about your stats, so don't get crazy with them.  Keep it simple and show who you are as a student-athlete.

  • Contact the coaches of the teams you are interested in via email.

  • Fill out the prospective student-athlete forms for colleges you are interested in.

  • Your club or high school team will not get you recruited. You will get yourself recruited by your field play, grades and the way you go about the process. We will take you to events with college coaches in attendance, advocate for you with college coaches, and will be honest with you regarding where you may best fit.


Pick the school that is right for you..

  • How far away do you want to be from home?

  • Do you have an intended major?

  • Do I know the academic profile of the schools I am interested in, or where I will fit? Can I get in with my grades?

  • Do I want a large school, medium school or small school? What type of setting do I want?

  • What can we afford – it is important to have a family conversation about this ahead of time.

  • FAFSA – get this ready from the beginning.


Lacrosse is unique…

  • Lacrosse cannot be compared to other sports.The top division III teams can compete with very good division I and II teams. The key is to pick the school that is right for you!


Getting started…

  • Create an email address that is unique to you – @here. Take out anything silly (laxgirl15), etc.do not use your parent email address – coaches like to communicate with their prospective student-athlete’s.

  • Update your resume

  • Make sure your short video is ready to go

  • Be committed to checking your email every 24 hours

  • Social media – be watchful of what you post!  Coaches and colleges do check.  You can lose a spot because of what you post.

  • Register for the NCAA eligibility center (link on the DM lax website)

  • Send your email – be short and to the point.  Attach your resume and include your video.Provide your upcoming schedule.A week before your next event, send them a reminder email.


Some scholarship info…

  • Division I – maximum of 12.5 scholarships among their team.  Most are not fully funded.

  • Division II – Maximum of 10.8 scholarships among their team.  Most are not fully funded.

  • Scholarships are year to year, not guaranteed for four years.  They can be raised, lowered, or removed.

  • Division III – do not offer athletic scholarships.But…. These schools can offer academic scholarships that are on par with division I or II if you have the grades.

  • Partial scholarships are most certainly the norm.


Final thoughts…

  • To play at the next level, you need to show the commitment now.  Attend practices and tournaments.

  • Be in shape – summer is not an “off-season”. Coaches want a fit player.

  • Be proactive – schools are most likely not going to come to you.You have to do the research and the work.

  • Do not get fancy – stick to the basics with your resume, email and video.Coaches don’t have time for fancy.